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Iqra Aziz And Yasir Hussain Wedding Event

Everyone knows when the pictures of the first event of Ubtan are uploaded on Instagram.the event is planing is so simple but too decent and beautiful. Now I tell you about the dress of a couple .

Yasir Hussain is wearing the simple white kurta with pajama.moreover the shoes of Yasir Hussain is golden and white.In contrasting to this Iqra Aziz is wearing the traditional dress of yellow gotta work shirt with trouser. for footwear, they use Khussa of red color .the biggest news is that for the event the Iqra Aziz is makeup-free and enjoys the Ubtan ceremony in a very relaxed manner.

Further, the adoring enjoying too much by apply Ubtan to each other with their hands. They apply Ubtan on faces of eachother.the relation is shown on media when the Yasir Hussain purpose the Iqra Hussain in lux style awards in 2019. After that, the couple announced their wedding date on Instagram with uploading the picture.

Wedding Event

The wedding date is 28 December 2019. To gain more popularity and easy access to fans the page is created on Instagram. The name of the page is Iqrayasirdaveya.All the updations capturing, video, story highlights, shopping, nikah, and many more event are shows in the hashtag.

Recently Yasir Hussain is announced that we don’t make to much big ceremony.So they don’t invite all the stars of showbiz. They just invited the few close friends of both Iqra and Yasir and relatives of both families.In addition to this Yasir also tell Samma TV news the all the decorations and dresses of the groom and bridal are very awesome and unique for all others.

Moreover, the wedding card is made very beautifully. The beauty of the picture is increased by adding the picture of the couple in the card.Below the names of bridal and groom, the sketch of the wedding picture of the couple is printed on the card. This designing increases the beauty of the wedding card.The whole festival of the ceremony is started on 25 of December and ends on 29 of December.Samma tv and this website updated you wit every situation, pics, videos of the wedding ceremony. I updated you with the wedding location,decoration, dress, and brands whose dresses are wearing.

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