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Electronic Media vs Print Media

As you know media is the source of communication and transferring of data, information from one place to another. They can play an important role in different newspapers , magazines and books, songs short videos clip tutorials and many more. Here I tell you what is the difference between these two media. Moreover, I also explain how the media helpful in our lives with pros and cons.


This oldest way of transferring the information. In print media mode of coveys, the o information is the magazines, books and, newspapers, etc. With the help of the media, you can attract a good quantity of audience. In addition to this few instructive lines are also mentioned like in signboards etc. This is a good source of sending thoughts to others in an attractive way. There are many ways here we discussed the most widely use and popular ways of print media.


This is the biggest and excellent source of information via print media. There are different kinds of news like the dawn, Roznama, etc which printed authentic information for the readers. A huge variety of distinctive article s is also published in the newspapers. This information is a good source of knowledge and enjoyment too.


New paper content is not specific they provide all necessary information that covers all areas. But magazines are built on a specific topic like fashion, recipe,child story, research or analysis on particular subjects and many more. Means on which topic you want to read you can get the magazine on that topic and polish your knowledge.


No doubt books are our best companion. There is a huge collection of books are available in the market and online. Which included the literature, health,finance , politics, religious, historical and many more.


Contrasting to print media electronic media is more versatile. The biggest benefit of this media the access to this media is very easy and quick. Like internet which is used all over the world. The treason is that all the things magazines, books, newspapers , research articles , analysis , scientific updates are easily available on google.


Electronic media ais more advance then print media. The edition can be done in electronic media but it is not possible in print media. The working efficiency of electronic media too fast as compared to print media. The availability of electronic media is 24hours 7 days but these print media don’t provide this facility.

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