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Apple Watch Series 5

Apple watches series 5 first time release on September 10, 2019, There is much addition in the new version of the apple watch. The time and date are display on the screen of the watch. Moreover, this is the first time that the compass is shown on the screen.


Normally the price of apple watches starts from the 399 dollars. In case if you want a watch with advance features like LTE connected then the price is started from the 499 dollars and up to this price. The cost is also dual or twice if you choose to steen less stell and titanic watches. For these watches the price is 799 dollars to 1299 dollars. They are available in different colors like grey, white and many more.


There are the following features of apple watch series 5.
⦁ CHIP-this apple watch has an s5 chip inside the watch.

⦁ BITS AND CORE-they have 64bit and dual-core process watch These features attract the buyer too much.

⦁ EFFICIENCY -they are faster in working than the previous version of apple series. So you can do all the important work in a short time.

⦁ CHAIN AND BAND OF APPLE WATCH– they are available in different colors to include golden. Moreover, the band is consists of a leather band. Due to multiple colors available they are attractive and beauty enhancers.

⦁ STORING CAPACITY-the previous model of apple watches having the capacity of 16 GB. In the new version, the capacity is raised to 32 GB. In which you stored your desires things like songs, videos or other informational data. The utilizers are now waiting for the next version means apple watch series 6 with new features.

⦁ RECORD THE VOICE MEMO -with the help of this watch they can easily record the voice memo.

⦁ CALCULATOR AVAILABILITY-in this watch calculator is also available for quick calculations.

⦁ ANSWERING THE CALLS -you can easily attend the calls and calling to your desire person when you want easily with the help of an apple watch.

⦁ MOTORING THE SAFER HEARING LEVEL-with the help of this you can have the facility of monitoring the safer hearing level.

⦁ SHOWING THE DISPLAYING OF YOU -If you wearing the apple watch then your location is easily trapped. So this is feature is helpful when you forget or lost the ways.

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